Final Interview with Disney

The final interview stage is with Disney in their headquarters in Hammersmith, London! I couldn’t believe it when I got through!

We had to confirm our final interview and we were told that Disney would be in contact with us directly to choose the day and time that we wanted our interview.

A few days later I woke up early and checked my emails and saw that Disney had emailed with the interview times! I quickly chose what would work best for me with uni and work before all the times got taken up. I chose the last day of interviews which was Friday 11th November at 2:00pm-3:00pm. I was so excited that I was going to get to see inside Disney HQ!!

Disney also emailed us with a role checklist where we could now put a preference for which roles we’d want to do on the program. This was my role checklist:

  • Operations/Attractions: High Interest
  • Character Attendant: High Interest
  • Merchandise: High Interest
  • Costuming: Medium Interest
  • Bell Services: Medium Interest
  • Custodial: Medium Interest
  • Character performer: Medium Interest
  • Restaurant Seater: Medium Interest
  • Quick Service Food and Beverage: Low Interest
  • Recreation: No Interest
  • Lifeguarding: No Interest

Apparently Disney like it when you put lots as high interest as it shows you’re flexible, so afterwards I was kind of regretting not putting more roles as high interest.

Anyway, we also had to fill out various things on a system called DOC.We had to print out a proof of student status form and get that filled out by my university which I would then take to the interview. In preparation I worked through the same list of questions that I used for the pre-screen interview and I wore pretty much the same outfit just with a smarter blazer type jacket.

The night before my interview I got a call from Anna at Yummy Jobs asking if I could come to an earlier interview slot, so instead of being at 2:00pm my slot now begun at 11:30am. This was all good and actually worked out quite well as I would have been hanging around for a while if it was later.

So my parents drove me up to Hammersmith and we located the building. It’s on a big round-a-bout near the Loreal building. 15 mins before my interview slot I went in the building and met up with some of the other people at the same timeimg_3390 as me. We got given a cool pass with our name on it and then we were escorted upstairs.

The building was sooooo cool!! There was disney memorabilia everywhere: a life size iron man statue, various film posters and a massive Moana display! It was really cool getting to see inside and I think there may have even been a screening of Moana going on (as it was coming out a few weeks later). It definitely makes me want to work there in the future!

Anna and Luke from Yummy Jobs were waiting for us and they checked our passports and proof of student status forms and just tried to make us feel more relaxed. Also, people who had put character performer as a high interest role got measured as you have to be certain sizes for certain characters.

img_3391There were three interviewers from Disney who were recruiting all over the world for various programs. Gradually everyone had their interviews and were coming back happy which was good! I was the last one to have my interview! I was called up by the interviewer and we shook hands etc. She also thanked me for changing my interview time.

We sat down and she started asking me questions in a really casual way. Firstly she asked me a few questions about what animals there are at the wildlife park where I volunteer. This threw me off a little because I wasn’t expecting that to be the first question. So I started rambling on about the various different animals and spoke way too fast!

She then asked me these questions:

  • What are your main responsibilities at the wildlife park?
  • Why do you want to do the program?
  • What are your top roles? (I then said operations/attractions, character attendant and merchandise)
  • Character attendant is very limited, I see that you’ve put various roles in moderate, would you be happy to do these roles? (at this point I talked about a couple of the roles I put as moderate interest and really bigged up Custodial which is why I think I ended up in that role!)
  • What other work experience do you have?
  • How would you deal with the heat?
  • Do you live at uni or at home?
  • Can you cope in a fast paced environment?
  • What are your top strengths?
  • Any other work experience? (Again- she asked me this a couple of times so it was lucky I had a fair bit)
  • Would you be ok with heavy lifting, using chemicals in certain roles, having a drugs test etc.?
  • Anything else you’d like to add?

For the last question, I said that I had heard about Disney’s VoluntEARS (Volunteering with Disney) which I was interest in and wondered how much program participants can get involved with this. I think it’s good to have a question or two at the end as it shows you’ve done a little research and that you’re really interested.

It looks like a lot of questions but it went so quickly! It didn’t really feel like I was in a normal interview as it was more relaxed and the lady who interviewed me was really nice.

However, to begin with I felt like the interview had gone really bad and I had it in my head that I would just have to apply for the program next year. I felt like I spoke well too quickly and rambled on and should have put more roles as high interest and that I didn’t explain my answers very well. I even said that I didn’t have any experience in merchandise even when I actually worked in a charity shop for a couple of months a few years ago!

We were told by Yummy Jobs that we’d hear back at the earliest the middle of December and at the latest early January. The first few days after the interview I kept cringing at things I’d said and kept thinking of things I didn’t say but should have. But after talking it through, I started to feel a little more positive as I had said some fairly good things, it’s just easy to remember all the stuff you feel went bad.

After a few weeks, I tried to put it to the back of mind but it was really difficult. It’s fair to say it was a looooong wait!

Final Interview with Disney-3