Disney Diaries

Happy Birthday Splash Mountain

So the other day (17th July) Splash Mountain turned 25 and because I work in Frontierland (where Splash Mountain is) I got to join in the celebrations.

Everyone who worked in Frontierland got given a blue umbrella that says “celebrating 25 satisfactual years” and the reason we were given an umbrella was a homage to when Splash Mountain first opened, as the Cast Members were also given an umbrella. We also got given cake which made it even better!


So over the past few weeks I’ve been going to the parks a lot and I had a character breakfast at Trattoria al Forno at the Boardwalk so I got to meet the characters from Tangled and The Little Mermaid!

Also, the other day one of my roommates, Ellie, got me a really cute Frontierland trash can ornament which is so cute!! Thank you Ellie!

I can’t believe how quick my program is going as next week I’ve already got my Service Celebration Graduation event which makes it more real that I’ve only got a month left.


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