Disney Diaries

Earning My Ears

So for the last few days I’ve been earning my ears, which basically means that I’ve been training. So I’ve been wearing this little red ribbon under my name tag:


So for Custodial in Magic Kingdom, we basically had another tour round Magic Kingdom but slightly more in depth this time and we got to give out stickers to guests and have a go at pin trading which was really fun.

We then split into our lands, which or me is Frontierland, so I’ve had a trainer for a couple of days showing me and one other girl how to do everything like cleaning up after the parade, doing a trash run, bussing tables and cleaning the restrooms.

Then after 2 days of proper on the job training in Frontierland, I had my assessment. This started with a multiple choice knowledge test which was fairly straight forward. We then had to pretend to clean up certain types of spills before actually going into the park and basically just doing little bits of the job. Our assessor said that it’s not really a pass or fail thing, more just checking to see if we need any more help. There were three of us getting assessed at the same time so it wasn’t scary.

At the end of the assessment, we then got to meet our leader. We had a little meeting with him where we just went over some more things and I got a cast member lanyard so I can pin trade when I’m working! For anyone that doesn’t know, pin trading is when you collect Disney pin badges and if you want you can trade with anyone in the parks. So if you see a Cast Member with a pin you like, just ask if you can trade because we have to say yes.

So other than earning my ears, I’ve had quite a lot of free time to go into the parks!

I’ve managed to get into all four Disney parks and one of the water parks now. I’ve seen most of the evening shows at the parks and even been able to visit Pandora the new land in Animal Kingdom. It’s really cool and I’ve managed to ride Flight of Passage three times already and only waited just over an hour each time for it! The first day I went there, I met up with Ellie, Olivia, Alice and Laura (some of my roommates) and we were so surprised that the queue wasn’t too long, considering it had been a 400 minute wait the week before! It’s an amazing ride and well worth waiting for.





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