Disney Diaries

Becoming an Honorary Disney Historian

The other day me and Olivia went to Hollywood Studios and I’d heard that you could become an honorary citizen of Walt Disney World in One Man’s Dream (a really cool little Disney museum in Hollywood Studios).

We went to One Man’s Dream and it’s slightly different now, so rather than becoming a citizen of Disney World, you become a honorary Disney Historian. So keep reading f you want to know how this Disney secret works.


One Man’s Dream is located just before you get to the Pixar area in Hollywood Studios. It’s probably a lesser known attraction but it’s well worth a look inside as it has lots of interesting information about Walt and the Disney company. There’s even miniature models of the parks and certain features like the Tree of Life.


Getting started 

So to begin your journey at becoming a Disney Historian, you need to see the Cast member who stands at the entrance of the attraction. Just ask if you can do the quiz to become a Disney Historian, and you’ll be given a pen and a little slip of paper that has three questions on it. Me and my friend got given different questions so we couldn’t cheat.

All the answers to the questions can be found around the attraction (if you don’t know the answers already) so it’s a great way at making you read things if you wouldn’t normally.

Completing the Quiz 

Once you’ve found the answers to the questions, you go see the Cast Member at the entrance to the movie theatre at the end of the museum. They’ll then get you a certificate each and you get to sign your name in a special book to confirm that you are now a Disney Historian!

IMG_3977 (1)


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