Disney Diaries

Once Upon a Time…is Now

So today I had my Magic Kingdom orientation which was called ‘Once Upon a Time…is Now’. All the different parks and resorts have their own day where you get a tour if that is your work location. So because I’m working in Frontierland in Magic Kingdom, I got to walk around Magic Kingdom all day!

So before this orientation, I’ve had a few other training days called ‘Welcome to Operations’, ‘Park Operations’ and ‘Custodial Core’. Almost all roles that are offered on the CEP are classed as Operations (apart from Character Performer, Character Attendant and Costuming) so you’ll more than likely have Welcome to Operations which is just a few hours where they teach you exciting things like how to lift a box properly.

The next training session gets more specific with Park Operations and then even more specific again with Custodial Core. All of the sessions had good, fun bits but they were just so early in the day that everyone was falling asleep at the boring bits. The good thing about Disney University (where all these training sessions take place) is that they play pop versions of Disney songs in the breaks which wakes you up a little bit.

So onto my Magic Kingdom orientation. I had to get up at 4:30am to make sure I got to Magic Kingdom in time. The annoying thing is that the bus takes almost an hour to get to Magic Kingdom from Chatham housing, and then once you get to Magic Kingdom, you have to another bus to get to the Utilidor entrance.

We got given an earpiece to wear so that our guides could talk to us while we were walking around the park. We got a tour of the whole of Magic Kingdom, and some of it was before the park had even opened which was nice. We even got to ride the Haunted Mansion, and better yet…we got paid for it!

The tour lasted until about midday where we got handed over to our trainers for specific areas and roles. The rest of the day we were with them and had a tour of under Magic Kingdom in the Utilidors. This was really fun as well, if a bit tiring as we were on our feet all day.

At the end, we got to go to costuming to pick up our costumes! This was a bit of a nightmare as well because there were so many people trying to try on costumes at the same time. But it was kind of weird because our trainers were like our personal shoppers going up and down the aisles to bring back different sizes of the clothes for us. I’ll post a picture at some point with me in my snazzy new custodial costume so you an see what I’m wearing at work.


All in all it was a great day but I’m really tried, I can’t wait to actually get started with properly working


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