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Universal Studios

The other day me and my roommates went to Universal after our meetings to get our annual passes! Luckily we were able to get Florida residents discount so it only works out that you have to go about 2 or 3 times to make the annual pass worth it as a day ticket is now so expensive.


So some of us arrived late afternoon and we met up with the others that had already got there a bit earlier. We went straight to Diagon Alley and went on Gringotts as it was only a half an hour queue. We then went on the Hogwarts Express over to Hogsmead where we went on all three Harry Potter rides. It was so quiet so luckily we didn’t have to queue very long for anything.



We all went on Spiderman and by this point, the park was closing, so we then headed over to City Walk to get something to eat. We went over to the Toothsome Chocolate Factory restaurant and had to wait an hour for a table, so we just went in all the shops of City Walk until our time.

The restaurant was really cool and they did amazing milkshakes and desserts. I’m definitely going to go back there to have some more of the chocolate things as I was just too full to manage it all, but I had a lovely chocolate brownie milkshake.


We then headed back to housing as some of us had a vey early start the next day for Traditions.


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