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Custodial POET

So for the last few days I’ve had a load of meetings before my official training begins. So before I get to the POET, I’ll just mention the other meetings I had.

The first meeting I had was called Immigration and it’s basically just 45 minutes where some Disney Cast members tell us what we are and aren’t allowed to do and what the various conditions are on our visas. A Homeland Security guard came in and spoke to us about what would happen if we were to get arrested and then we got free magnets reminding us to fill out a cultural activity each month. Basically as part of the J1 Visa, we have to formally submit a few sentences each month about how we have experienced American culture. All in all it was pretty good and not scary like people have mentioned in the past.


I’ve also had a housing meeting which was pretty cool and weird at the same time as you walk into the room and it’s like a disco with flashing lights and remixes of Disney songs! The way I can describe it is that it was very American and very Disney. Similar to the immigration meeting, they told us what we’re not allowed to do and what things we’re allowed in housing etc. (They’ve recently allowed lightsabers and wands in the apartments).


The final meeting I had was called Onboarding and this was the one where I got my training schedule! We had to fill out our I-94 and the Disney cast members were there to help us all out. It was pretty quick and they were able to go through our schedule with us to let us know what to do.

So onto the POET (post offer employment test) and I had no idea what this was until it happened as it’s a pretty new thing. So it seems like for Custodial, costuming and anyone in the Culinary Program had to do this test to check that you’re fit enough to complete your job.

Firstly, we had to get a van from Vista Way housing. As I was at the bus stop there was really really heavy rain that flooded the stop- the water went over my ankles! Then this ordinary black van turns up but inside it’s like a limo! It was so posh, with comfy sofa chairs that moved, a leather curved sofa at the back, an ice bucket, purple lights and a TV that had Disney Channel on. It was so strange but we weren’t complaining.

We then drove to what looked like a hospital type place but it’s Disney Physical Therapy Centre. We had to fill out some forms and then we got called by a Cast Member to begin the test. Firstly, I just got asked general questions about my health and took my blood pressure then the tasks began, here’s what I had to do:

  1. Bend down and brush under a line
  2. Bend down and pretend to scrape gum off the floor for 30 seconds
  3. Lift a weighted ball out of a bucket, put it down, then pick it back up and put it in the bucket
  4. Lift a few weighted balls (50 pounds I think) out of a bucket and put it back in
  5. Push a weighted trolley the length of the room, then pull it back 3 times
  6. Carry a weighted ball the length of the room and back 3 times (you can put the ball down after each length
  7. Pick up a weighted box and walk up and down some mock stairs 5 times
  8. Use a pan and brush and pretend to clean the room for 3 minutes

(There may have been more that I’ve forgotten about)

The last one was hilarious because you’re just walking around this gym with other Cast Members being treated for injuries pretending to clean. The whole test was just so bizarre but at least I passed! Some of it was fairly difficult, especially towards the end when you’ve already picked up lots of weights, but the actual physical tests probably only lasted about 15 minutes.

I think that if you fail, you’ll get put in another role that’s high demand, like quick service food and beverage. Don’t worry if you fail- they won’t send you home. So over all the POET is nothing to be scared of, it’s just to check that you can do the role you’ve been given.



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