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How much does the CEP cost?

Quite a few people have been asking me how much does it cost to take part in the program. I previously included some details on fees in my post Program Fees & Documents but it doesn’t cover everything so I thought I’d do a post dedicated to costs.

Interview Costs 

Luckily I didn’t spend anything on the interview portion of the program as my parents drove me up and I didn’t have to stay overnight anywhere. But a lot of people had to pay for trains down to Essex, or in some cases had to fly. So it’s worth taking into account how much you may have to pay to get to the interviews.

Acceptance Fees 

These costs are the ones that have to be paid almost immediately after you get accepted onto the program.

  • Program Acceptance Fee: $354.50 (£288)
  • DBS Criminal Background Check: £80 

The Program Acceptance Fee covers you for the first two weeks rent, program assessment and the housing activities that are put on during your program.

These two costs seem to increase year on year so expect these prices to go up a little in the future.


Obviously the cost of flights varies from person to person depending what airline you chose, what dates etc. Mine cost £503.92 which I paid in January. You can read more detailed information on flights on my previous post.


Because we have to check into Disney housing between 12pm and 3pm, it means that we have to arrive in Orlando at least one day early as most flights from the UK arrive after 3pm. This means that you need to sort out accommodation for the night prior to your check in date.

I decided to go out 2 days earlier so I’ve booked into a Disney Hotel (Port Orleans Riverside). Most people are sharing a hotel room with other people doing the program so that brings the cost down quite a bit!

So for two nights at Port Orleans Riverside it’s costing me £98.50. 

There are other options besides a Disney hotel but if you decide to stay elsewhere you will also need to factor in the cost of transportation from the airport. This is because Disney provides the Magical Express coach from the airport to your hotel for free if you book a Disney hotel!

Visa Fees 

So there’s a fair amount of costs involved with the visa process but considering the cost it could be if Disney weren’t paying for my actual visa it’s not too bad I guess.

  • Embassy Appointment Fee: $160 (£130) 
  • SEVIS Fee: $35 (£28.50) 
  • Train to London: £18.25

You may also have to factor in the cost of saying overnight in London if need be.


Insurance is one of the main costs involved with the program. You have to get medical insurance through whoever Disney tell you to so you’re pretty stuck with whatever price they give you.

There were two options price wise this year, but I went for the more expensive one as it offered more cover. Also if you’re on the earlier start date like me, you’re in America for an extra few weeks so that also increases the cost.

  • Medical Insurance: $399.60 (£311.70)
  • Travel Insurance: £118.42 

You don’t have to get travel insurance but it’s advisable. Luckily I work for an insurance company so it wasn’t as expensive as it could have been. But because I’m abroad for a few months it’s not cheap. Some people have found cheaper ones but it might not cover you for as much, so it’s best to read the policy documents first to make sure it’s what you want.

Complete List 

So that’s all the costs that I’ve had to pay so far, not including any things that I’ve bought to take with me or food I’ll need to buy when I get there.

  • Program Acceptance Fee: $354.50 (£288)
  • DBS Background Check: £80
  • Flights: £503.92
  • Disney Hotel: £98.50
  • Embassy Appointment Fee: $160 (£130)
  • SEVIS Fee: $35 (£28.50)
  • Train to London: £18.25
  • Medical Insurance: $399.60 (£311.70)
  • Travel Insurance: £118. 42

TOTAL: £1577.29

Tip: Some of the fees you have to pay in dollars so make sure you try and use a card that doesn’t charge extra for spending in a foreign currency.

So as you can see, it is not a cheap thing to do but at least I get to spend my whole summer in Disney! It’s also worth noting that I didn’t have to pay all these costs at once as they’ve been spread out since December. Plus when you work out how much you’ll get paid (minimum of $300 a week) hopefully it should be able to cancel out most of the costs, if I don’t spend too much on Disney merchandise that is 😀


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